Laura Cooper drops a house on Donald Trump

Another day, another transcript has been released from closed-door testimony in the House impeachment hearings against Donald Trump. This time around it’s from Department of Defense official Laura Cooper – and the testimony she gave is crucial for a couple reasons.

Laura Cooper is the latest witness to testify that the Trump regime held up U.S military aid to Ukraine for illegitimate reasons. Her testimony also directly incriminates Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney in the Ukraine extortion plot. None of that is anything new, of course. What matters here is that Cooper is from the Department of Defense, and she’s confirming the details of Trump’s Ukraine scandal from the Pentagon’s point of view.

This helps shoot down Donald Trump’s assertion that State Department officials somehow conspired to invent the Ukraine scandal just to punish him for being Donald Trump. We’ve already seen Colonel Alexander Vindman testify, and he’s technically from the State Department as well, but he’s been working at the White House throughout the scandal. Cooper also testified that the Ukrainians were alarmed at what was going on, helping to shoot down Trump’s claim that he couldn’t have committed a crime because the Ukrainians somehow didn’t know they were being blackmailed.

So we now have people from the Department of Defense, the State Department, and the National Security Council all adding pieces to the same story, and it’s devastating for Donald Trump. He’s nailed in too many ways to count – and that’s before the televised hearings get underway on Wednesday.

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