Laughing stock of the world

Can you imagine having lunch with Donald Trump? Gawd. I’ve seen how he speaks, I can only imagine how he eats. It was at an impromptu lunch with French president Emmanuel Macron, described by senior Trump aides as focusing too much on global warming, that Trump and Macron sat down for a one on one working lunch amidst the G7 conference at Biarritz. As if the business of the deck chairs and how they are arranged on the Titanic ought to be the main issue, and the actual sinking of the ship a matter for “another time,” Trump aides dared to criticize Macron’s emphasis on the most important crisis ever to face the human race, global warming, and dismissed it as a “niche issue.”

David Koch certainly must have died in the comfort of the certain knowledge that he got what he paid for, a government so corrupt as to ignore humanity’s greatest threat. We can all look forward to the time – a time that cannot come soon enough – when the Koch brothers are united again at last – and for all eternity. Meanwhile, America is proud to boast it has the finest politicians money can buy, immune to 38,000 yearly gunshot deaths, tone deaf to the depredations of global climate change, and unconcerned about the fires raging across the Amazon Rainforest.

America remains the world’s laughing stock at the G7, thanks to its idiot policies and unliveable politics. America’s for-profit “healthcare” is the disgrace of the civilized world, its record of violence unchecked by politicians rendered impotent by the NRA a daily scandal, its indifference to and reckless contribution to global warming a deadly horror show of headlong self-immolation. All headed up by a lazy, stupid, inarticulate mallet-headed fool named Donald Trump.

Ahead of the conference, the director of the White House’s national economic council, Larry Kudlow, a man who really knows how best to confirm in his own words and ideas what the rest of the world already thinks of the United States, criticized Macron’s decision to ditch the usual consensus communique at the end of the summit in favour of “coalitions of like-minded states.” Kudlow explained it in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece this way: “These coalitions produce politically correct bromides such as calls to ban everything from straws to fossil fuels.” That these coalitions are enshrined in an effort to save the planet from certain destruction is not a bromide, Mr Kudlow. Larry Kudlow’s insistence that the American economy is doing great and he can see no recession coming – now there’s a bromide. It’s little wonder the world is laughing.

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