As his world burns, Donald Trump launches into desperate late night tirade

Donald Trump’s world is on fire. He’s now being forced to put his few remaining chips down on a punchline of a memo written by Devin Nunes, an idiot. Rick Gates is cutting a plea deal against him which will take him down for money laundering. Hope Hicks is about to have to cut a plea deal which will take him down for obstruction of justice. Trump should be locked away somewhere, focusing on how to avoid going to prison. So what’s he doing instead?

Trump had gone three and a half days without tweeting. Without the proper context, it was difficult to tell if this was a sign that he had sobered up and had decided to forego the antics in favor of focusing on a plan to save himself, or if he was merely saving up his antics for a big explosion. Now we’re getting that answer, and it’s the one you thought it was.

Trump just tweeted “The Democrats just aren’t calling about DACA. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have to get moving fast, or they’ll disappoint you again. We have a great chance to make a deal or, blame the Dems! March 5th is coming up fast.” Okay, so we understand why he might be trying to focus on the issues, in an attempt at distracting himself from his worsening scandals. But all he’s doing is admitting that the federal government is a few weeks away from being shut down yet again on his watch, because he can’t stick to a position on budget issues for more than five minutes at a time, and neither party has any idea what kind of budget to put in front of him.

It’s worth noting that even as Donald Trump is launching into a generic tirade about Democratic congressional leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, they’re both making a concerted effort to get Trump’s stooge Nunes removed from the House Intelligence Committee. Pelosi and Schumer have figured out how to rope Paul Ryan into it, so this all lands on his head as well. As Trump is ranting and raving, his opponents are making concrete moves toward neutralizing his apologists.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report