Donald Trump has berserk late night meltdown as it all slips away from him

Donald Trump is as far behind in the polls and swing states as ever, and with just over fifty days until the election, he’s running out of time to turn it around. His scandals are getting worse, his campaign is going broke, he has no strategy, and his mind is failing him.

Now, with it all slipping away from him, Trump is having a particularly berserk late night meltdown, tweeting sheer nonsense like this: “Joe Biden cannot LEAD our Country, because he does not BELIEVE in our Country. At Biden’s convention, they decried America as a wicked, sinful nation, destined for a fate of doom and despair.”

Trump is also once again falsely accusing Biden and the Democratic Party of removing the words “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance – which is particularly absurd considering Trump was seen failing to speak the words “Under God” when he recited the Pledge on 9/11 this past week.

Even as Donald Trump rants and raves about the “far-left maniacs” who oppose him, the reality is that mainstream Americans are uniting against him. Trump’s already-small hopes of winning are circling the drain, and he clearly has no idea how to stop it. This is our opportunity to focus on voter registration, phone banking, and volunteering, and run up the score.

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