Donald Trump has berserk late night meltdown as it all goes wrong for him

Donald Trump is heading into election day down by ten points in the national polling averages, meaning his only real shot of winning is if he can find a way to cheat on a massive scale. He’s been trying to do that right out in the open, by seeking to make it as difficult to vote as possible, and to get as many ballots disqualified at possible.

Thus far, Trump and his team haven’t had much success at this. Most of the major legal rulings about voting have gone against Trump. Each time he and his henchmen come up with a new scheme for suppressing the vote, the courts end up shutting it down.

Trump is particularly unhappy about the lack of success he’s having in Pennsylvania, and now he’s melting down about it in the middle of the night:

Even as Donald Trump wastes his remaining time whining about how it’s all going wrong for him, we have an opportunity (and a patriotic obligation) to double down on voter turnout and make sure the results end up being what we all think they’re going to be.

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