Donald Trump has psychotic late night impeachment meltdown

Donald Trump didn’t just have a bad day today, he had a historically bad day. At one point today he gave a terrible speech to the United Nations that had several world leaders appearing to try to stifle a laugh – and that was the least bad part of his day. Trump is being impeached for crimes that will send him to prison for the rest of his life, and boy does he ever know it.

Donald Trump signaled that he knew he was screwed when he posted a tweet in which he appeared to blame his impeachment on Maxine Waters for no apparent reason. But he was just getting started. Trump then latched onto the claim that the whistleblower’s attorney once worked for Hillary Clinton. That’s right, we’re just a few hours into impeachment, and Trump is already trying to turn it into a Hillary Clinton conspiracy.

As the night went on, Trump became frustrated that the media wasn’t covering the “MASSIVE DEMOCRAT SCANDAL” that he had treasonously created out of thin air. Then he quoted one of his own obscure lackeys who claimed that Democrats have “bizarre brains.” Trump then thanked a supposed pundit for defending him, but that person turned out to be a self-identified member of the Trump 2020 Advisory Board.

By the time it was over, Donald Trump was reduced to quoting Lindsey Graham, who claimed that impeachment is only happening because Democrats don’t think they can beat Trump at the ballot box. That’s hilarious, considering Trump is trailing all of the major 2020 Democratic candidates badly in the polls. Trump would be wise to cut a resignation plea deal in exchange for reduced prison time while he still can – but he’s certainly not wise.

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