Donald Trump suffers bizarre late night Twitter malfunction

If you want evidence that Donald Trump is completely unraveling of late, one need only look at his tweets. His rants have been even more histrionic (“virtual treason”), illiterate (“Prince of Whales), and incoherent (“ridiclious”) then usual. But there may be no better sign of Trump’s collapse than his increasing propensity for late night meltdowns – including a particularly bizarre one last night.

At around one in the morning, Donald Trump began ranting about a complete misrepresentation of a news item about the State Department, spinning it into a false claim that Hillary Clinton and her people did something wrong. But that was just the warm-up act. Then Trump tweeted “Only a few people showed up for the so-called Impeachment rallies over the weekend. The numbers were anemic, no spirit, no hope. More importantly, No Collusion, No Obstruction!” Well, that was his second attempt at it.

This was what Trump initially tweeted before he had to delete it and try again: “Only a few people showed up for the so-called Impeachment rallies over the weekend. Even the Fake News called it a disaster. On the 4th of Julyfr” – and then the tweet just stopped. That’s right, the President of the United States is ranting about the “4th of Julyfr” – whatever that’s supposed to be – at one in the morning.

Donald Trump is clearly agitated by his increasingly pathetic poll numbers which make clear that he’s not currently in contention at all in the 2020 race. He’s staying up later than usual. He’s making more basic mistakes than usual. And he’s being more defensive than usual. Trump is rattled. If he’s this bad off in June, imagine where how far gone he’ll be by “Julyfr.”

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