Donald Trump has berserk all-caps late night meltdown

Donald Trump is having a pretty bad day, in the midst of a pretty horrible week. His criminal scandals are closing in on him in real time, and we keep learning that his own people have sold him out to prosecutors in startling fashion. So what is Trump doing tonight to try to save himself? Apparently he’s in bed, watching Fox News, and having a late night Twitter meltdown that’s berserk even by his standards.

First, Trump quoted far-right deranged lunatic Jerome Corsi, who is about to be criminally indicted in the Trump-Russia scandal; we’ll spare you the ridiculous quote. Then, Trump quoted a Fox News puppet about FISA warrant gibberish, before adding his own question, “Is this really America?” Then, because his idiocy apparently needed to be said more loudly, Trump tweeted this standalone gem: “FAKE NEWS – THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!” But he wasn’t done.

Trump then went on to try to warn us about an imaginary “massive surge” at the “NON-WALLED area” of the U.S.-Mexico border, whatever that’s supposed to mean. Then he called on the Democrats to approve “Boarder Security and the Wall.” That’s right, as obsessed as this guy is with the border, he can’t even spell border.

Okay, so Donald Trump is having a berserk meltdown tonight even by his standards. The question is why. At this point so many things are going wrong for him, there are probably several contributing factors. For one thing, Trump just got exposed for having committed felony obstruction of justice when he targeted and then fired Andrew McCabe. It also turns out that after Trump installed Assistant Attorney General Brian Benczkowski in the hope that he would do Trump’s bidding, Benczkowski turned around and secretly recused himself instead. Then there are tomorrow’s Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort sentencing memos, both of which could be terrible for Trump.