Rudy Giuliani spent the run-up to election day trying to score one last payday before he’s indicted and arrested

Considering all the marbles he’s lost, it was pretty impressive that Rudy Giuliani figured out he could delay his inevitable indictment and arrest by becoming Donald Trump’s illegitimate criminal defense attorney. After all, it would be bad form for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to have busted Trump’s lawyer before busting Trump. Then again, Mueller and his allies have already busted Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen. But I digress. This is about Rudy, and he’s near the end – and he knows it.

These past few days we’ve all seen Rudy Giuliani appearing as an occasional special guest at poorly attended rallies for Republican candidates, and tweeting endorsements for fictional Republican candidates (there is no one running named “Don James” or “Danny Tartanian”). But even as Rudy has been putting up this front, he’s really been spending most of his time visiting with his consulting clients overseas. Why? Money – and we’ve seen this pattern before.

Back when Paul Manafort learned that he was about to be arrested and indicted, he chased one last big political consulting payday in Iraq. Now that Roger Stone knows he’s about to be indicted and arrested, he’s raising funds as frantically as he can. There’s a reason for this: hiring fancy defense attorneys for a criminal trial is expensive.

Now that we’re weeks if not days away from Robert Mueller making his big move against Donald Trump, we’re seeing Rudy Giuliani running overseas and trying to score one last big payday of his own, even when he’s supposed to be running Trump’s legal defense instead. As soon as Trump gets popped, Mueller and his prosecutorial allies will be free to pop Rudy for his nationally televised role in conspiring to rig the 2016 election. Rudy knows this too, and he’s trying to fill his defense coffers while he still can.