The last gasps of Donald Trump’s dead presidency

If Donald Trump and his presidency were a football team right now, he’d be trying to throw a last ditch “hail mary” down the field, only to have the ball slip backward out of his hands and explode in mid-air as the clock ran out, even as Trump fell to the ground and landed on a whoopee cushion.

We just learned that, in his latest “evil genius” plan to save himself from ouster and prison, Donald Trump tried to convince Matt Whitaker to reinstate long-ago-recused U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman to oversee the SDNY case against Trump. Of course this went nowhere, because nothing works that way. Not only does it mean that Trump went to the trouble of appointing Whitaker for nothing, it also means Trump has reached such a point of self-defeating stupidity, even Matt Whitaker can figure out that Trump’s scheming is too stupid to work.

Back when this illegitimate presidency started, Donald Trump seemed frustrated by the fact that the only people he could find to carry out his criminal scheming were incompetent idiots like Devin Nunes, who kept predictably screwing it up. But now that Trump is approaching his end, he’s sunk to the point that the idiots are looking at him funny.

Does anyone really think that Donald Trump’s upcoming evil scheme of installing William Barr as Attorney General is somehow going to save him? Of course not. If Barr is smart, he’ll keep his nose clean. And if he’s stupid enough to do Trump’s criminal bidding, then he’s stupid enough to screw it up.

Robert Mueller, the SDNY, House Democrats, and everyone else involved is closing in on Donald Trump by the minute. This is coming at a time when Trump has become so desperate, so witless, and so out of ammo, he’s now relying on sub-Whitaker scheming to try to somehow save himself. Trump’s buddies Paul Manafort and Roger Stone are going to die in prison. There is no longer any reason to believe that Trump can magically find a way to avoid the same fate.