Donald Trump’s last gasp

– At this point I think Joe Biden has about a 95% chance of winning, and considering what’s at stake, that’s not nearly high enough for my tastes. So I’m going to keep working harder than ever. You should too. All the cheating in the world won’t help Trump if the result isn’t close to begin with.

– Tweet of the day, from Kamala Harris: “By moving forward with Supreme Court confirmation hearings tomorrow—less than 2 weeks after members tested positive—Chairman Graham and Senate Republicans are endangering the lives of not just members and our staff, but the hardworking people who keep the Senate complex running.”


– Mike Pence displays possible coronavirus symptoms, abruptly cancels his campaign events, disappears for a day and a half, then hits the campaign trail again as if nothing had happened, and the media ignores it because it’s too busy giving Joe Biden grief over hypothetical questions. This is why Palmer Report has to exist.

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