Robert Mueller has every last Trump-Russia detail

In my role as a political analyst, I’ve spent the past year trying to track down the million little pieces of Donald Trump’s historically complex Russia scandal, and more importantly, trying to figure out how to make them fit. So have a lot of other political analysts. So have you, if you’ve been following along all this time. But none of that matters nearly so much as what Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been able to piece together from the inside, where he has far greater access and reach than the rest of us combined. Now we’re getting word on just how thoroughly he’s got this all pegged.

Trump is now facing the no-win situation of whether or not to sit for an interview with Mueller. If Trump goes through with it and he’s honest, he’ll end up confessing to serious crimes. If he lies, he’ll get nailed for that, which is a felony unto itself. If he tries to dodge the interview by pleading the Fifth, he’ll be such damaged goods that he might as well just resign. Trump’s lawyers seem to be steering him toward doing the interview, but his friends are trying to talk him out of it. Why? Some of them have gotten inside peeks at just what all Mueller has.

Take a look at this sentence buried halfway down in a new Washington Post report: “People who have appeared before Mueller’s team say prosecutors have detailed accounts of events, sometimes to the minute, and have surprised witnesses by showing them emails or documents they were unaware that the team had or that their colleagues had written.” (link). Some of these people who have appeared before Mueller’s team are Trump’s friends, or friends of Trump’s friends. No wonder they don’t want Trump speaking with Mueller.

So now we have a better understanding of what Robert Mueller has been doing all these months while he’s remained quiet and only “spoken” through occasional actions that have played out in public. Behind the scenes, he and his team have been feverishly tracking down every last Trump-Russia detail and fitting it all together, in order to build the most detailed and comprehensive criminal case against Donald Trump of all time.

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