Donald Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow just drew the short straw

This past week Donald Trump kicked even more dirt on his own face than usual, when he screwed up already-tortured trade relationship with China and sent the stock market plummeting, then humiliatingly tried to buy Greenland. As usual, Trump was too cowardly to go on the Sunday morning shows and defend his own positions, so he sent one of his advisers to do it for him. This time, Larry Kudlow drew the short straw, and wow did it ever go badly for him.

Larry Kudlow appeared on Chuck Todd’s Meet The Press, which is about as softball of a Sunday morning interview as a Republican administration is going to get. Kudlow was tasked with insisting – with a straight face no less – that Donald Trump’s tax giveaway for the wealthy and failed trade war have somehow helped the economy.

Kudlow also insisted there’s no recession coming, even though most economists (and most investors) believe we’re already headed into one. We’re surprised Kudlow didn’t try to turn around and claim the stock market went up this week when it actually went down. Perhaps because he had to push such a line of garbage, Kudlow looked and sounded like there was something very wrong with him. We’ll just diplomatically suggest that perhaps he hadn’t slept in a few days.

In any case, it’s more clear than ever that even Donald Trump’s spin artists can’t manage to spin the straight path to the economic gutter that Trump has put the United States on. At some point, even some of Trump’s supporters are going to figure out that Trump has wrecked the economy, in a way that’s going to negatively impact them. All the Larry Kudlows in the world can’t spin their way out of that quagmire.

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