Donald Trump goes berserk and posts unhinged tweet with seven f-bombs in it

Donald Trump has been having a rough day. New poll numbers suggest that he’s in just as much of a 2020 hole as he was before he was acquitted. His new budget proposal landed with a huge thud. So what’s Trump doing to try to turn things around? Well, he’s tweeting a Larry David video. The trouble: it’s inappropriately profane by a mile. The bigger trouble: Trump doesn’t appear to understand that Trump is the butt of the joke.

Trump tweeted a video clip from Curb Your Enthusiasm in which Larry David tries to get people to leave him alone by wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. The premise is that Trump supporters are such pariahs, no one will want to talk to him while he’s wearing the hat. Eventually, after Larry David accidentally cuts off a motorcycle, prompting the biker to begin repeatedly yelling the f-word at him, Larry puts on the hat and then the biker leaves him alone:

It’s not clear if Donald Trump didn’t understand the context of the video clip because he didn’t see the entire episode, or if he’s just too stupid to understand what’s going on here. But what kind of President of the United States tweets a profanity laced video and doesn’t realize the video is making fun of him? Trump is more off the rails than ever.

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