Donald Trump’s Lafayette Square scandal was even uglier than we thought

Once the leaks from inside the Trump regime began about ten days ago, from details about Donald Trump’s Walter Reed visit to shocking revelations about how Trump really feels about the military, Palmer Report concluded that it was a pattern. People in Trump’s orbit were ramping up their leaks ahead of the election, presumably because some of them want Trump to lose as badly as we do.

Now tonight we’re seeing a highly disturbing leak about Donald Trump’s Lafayette Square scandal. We already knew that Bill Barr ordered federal agents to forcibly clear peaceful protesters out of the park, which is adjacent to the White House, so Trump could stage an uninvited photo op at the church across the street. But now it turns out the Trump regime came close to doing something even worse.

This evening the Washington Post is reporting that just before clearing out the peaceful protesters, the Trump regime began stockpiling ammunition, and attempted to acquire “devices that could emit deafening sounds and make anyone within range feel like their skin is on fire.” Wait, what?


These are weapons of war – and the Trump regime was stockpiling them for use against peaceful, unarmed protesters on American soil. This would have been nothing short of mass murder. After Donald Trump loses, there will need to be criminal investigations into who gave what orders during the Lafayette Square incident, in order to determine which members of the Trump will never see the outside of a prison cell again.

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