Donald Trump is in la la land

Donald Trump is still publicly calling for $2000 stimulus relief checks, even as his puppet Kevin McCarthy has blocked a unanimous consent vote and forced Speaker Pelosi to bring the House back into session just to pass the $2000 amendment.

This means that either Trump is working behind the scenes to sabotage his own $2000 check initiative, or he’s so far removed from the political process that he’s not bothering to participate in the process at all. Either way, his behavior has become essentially incoherent. Even if Trump thinks he can somehow magically save himself with $2000 checks, they’re not going to happen unless he actually leans on the Republicans.

There’s still no clear indication what Mitch McConnell will do in the Senate, once the House sends over the $2000 check amendment. At this point it’s anyone’s guess as to why McConnell seems to think the Republicans have better odds in the Georgia Senate runoffs if they don’t sign off on decent sized stimulus checks.


In any case it’s more clear than ever that we have no President of the United States. If he’d simply kept his mouth shut and signed the stimulus bill, at least $600 would be on its way to the American public. Because Trump has weighed in on the matter in such incoherent, listless, and seemingly senile fashion, Americans may end up getting no checks at all. Trump is in la la land.

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