Kyrsten Sinema is breaking

Kyrsten Sinema has been all over the news lately. In just such a short time, she has gone from relative anonymity to the face of obstruction. And it is with good reason. Sinema seems to be unable to verbalize exactly what she wants and where her head is at. And this is infuriating many Democrats.

Now she is finding herself the subject of protests. To be clear, I do not — and will never — condone people cornering her in a public bathroom. That should never have happened. But what I do get is the increasing frustration with her. Sinema herself does not seem to get it, which shows how out of touch she is with her constituents.

And Sinema may be doing this because Arizona is such a moderate state. It has only just started trending purple. But Arizona is also a fiercely independent state. They like mavericks (John McCain). And as evidenced by her flailing poll numbers, Arizonians — like the rest of the country — are losing their faith in Sinema.

So what can we do? Well, cornering her in public bathrooms is out. But we CAN tell her how we feel, respectfully.

Mimicking is a concept that has been around for a long time. The idea of mimicking is to speak and mimic the way the person one is speaking to talks. See, Sinema has an aura of calm about her. Even in her election, she was serene as could be. So, it stands to reason she will respond best to people who use this method of communication.


Call her office. Email her. Tweet her. But in my humble opinion staying calm is the best way to get through to her. Tell her how much you supported her when she first ran and speak of your concerns. If enough people do it, she will listen. It might take a while — it nearly always does in these cases — but I do not think she is a lost cause. You can reach her at (602) 598-7327 or in DC at (202) 224-4521.

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