Kyrsten Sinema goes completely off the deep end

As I have said before, some things just go together. Democrats and activism. Josh Hawley and insurrectionist behavior. Palmer Report readers and intelligence. Mitt Romney and Kyrsten Sinema. A bit more on that last one.

So, as the minutes ticked by and the country waited to see what type of bill the Democrats would be able to get through, a homey little scene was taking place. It could have come straight from “Little House on the prairie” — political style, that is.

Senator Mitt Romney, doing — doing SOMETHING which failed to inspire a laugh, at least with me, tweeted a photo of himself dressed up as Ted Lasso from the AppleTV show. With it, giving a moment of surreal shock and not in a good way, to all of us was her royal “I don’t give a f###” herself, Lady Sinema.

Sinema looked quite fetching in pink. She was portraying Rebecca Welton, a character on the same show mentioned above. The picture was of Romney delivering cookies to “the boss.” Awww. “Biscuits for the boss” the tweet was entitled.

Look, folks, I know it isn’t easy being a Senator. I know you might feel the need to goof off once in a while. Don’t we all?

But the country is waiting on you. How about sharing some of those yummy-looking biscuits with the American people? How about actually DOING something for the American people?

Lady Sinema. You looked lovely. But this is not the fashion police. This is not the time for modeling one’s wardrobe when there is work to be done. So as Joan Rivers herself used to say, “Too soon.”


Look, we want a deal. You want attention. It’s a win-win situation. You do the work first, and then feel free to do all the charming little curtseys you want. Sound good?

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