Kurt Volker is back again as Donald Trump’s impeachment testimony nightmare multiplies

Over the past few days Fiona Hill, Marie Yovanovitch, and George Kent have combined to deliver a body blow to Donald Trump with their testimony to the House impeachment inquiry. Today, Michael McKinley is set to testify as well. Trump administration officials are coming out of the woodwork to pile on – so much so that now even Kurt Volker is back for another round.

Volker, the U.S. Envoy who resigned in the wake of the Ukraine extortion scandal and then became the first witness to testify about it to the House impeachment inquiry, is back again today. Politico spotted him on the Hill today, heading to a secure room. It turns out he’s not answering new questions, and instead he’s reviewing the transcript from his previous testimony. We take this as a potentially important sign.

This suggests that Kurt Volker has recalled additional information since his testimony, or he’s heard something come out in the news the prompted him to put something in a new context, or something along those lines. It’s not so much about whatever Volker is specifically providing today, but rather that this is how cooperating witnesses conduct themselves.

Even as Donald Trump’s current and former people line up around the block to testify against him, people like Volker are now deciding that they want back in on the process again. The floodgates are officially open, and there’s nothing Trump can do to stop this tidal wave of testimony exposing his crimes.

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