Donald Trump just decided to get millions of Kurds murdered on his way out the door

Sunday night’s bombshell revelation – that Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani tried to extort a Ukrainian gas company into giving them money – should be enough to finish Trump off. His election extortion scandal now looks like something more akin to bank robbery. Pro-impeachment poll numbers will surge. He’s toast and he knows it. So now he appears to be trying to accelerate the pace of his evil corruption while he still can.

Late on Sunday night, Donald Trump’s White House announced that the United States is pulling out Northern Syria, thus allowing Turkey to invade and take over the region. This means that Turkey, led by Trump’s corrupt and murderous ally Erdogan, will quickly slaughter millions of Kurds – to the point that it’ll be nothing short of mass murder – and it’ll have Trump’s fingerprints all over it.

So why is Donald Trump deciding to commit mass murder on his way out the door? That’s a good question. Perhaps he’s decided to do the most psychotic thing he can think of, in a last ditch effort at scaring the House impeachment inquiry into backing off. Or maybe it has something to do with Turkey’s desire to purchase Patriot missiles from the United States – which we’re sure somehow, some way involves a kickback to Trump, because it always does.

In any case, Donald Trump is now forcing the issue. He absolutely cannot be allowed to remain President of the United States long enough to carry out this murderous and psychotic order to abruptly pull out of Northern Syria. It’s not clear what Nancy Pelosi’s timetable was for articles of impeachment, but at this point she may have to move forward immediately if he doesn’t back down on this. Meanwhile, Trump is helping to ensure that once he’s ousted, he’ll spend every day of the rest of his life in prison. Trump’s life is over and he knows it – and now he’s trying to take as many people down with him as possible.

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