Here’s how I know Donald Trump is going down

Sometimes my political analysis is labeled as “optimistic.” I don’t see it that way. If things are good or bad, I say so. I just try to give you the most accurate picture possible based on the available facts and evidence, while too many other media outlets try to keep you glued to your seat with doomsday fear mongering, and so my analysis comes off as optimistic in comparison. But I do often get asked how I “know” Donald Trump is going down. We just received another reminder of why.

Yesterday, even as he was acknowledging his own increasingly dire situation by tweeting about how he fears the Feds might also conduct raids against his other attorneys, he spent most of this time focused instead on his former adversary James Comey. Although Comey is an obstruction witness against him, Trump gains literally nothing in a legal sense by publicly attacking him. Instead, Trump is obsessively raging about Comey simply because of Comey’s new book, which paints Trump in a less than a flattering light. Again, the book will have no bearing on Trump’s legal situation either.

Trump’s problem is that even as he’s acknowledging that his prospects of surviving this are sinking, he’s still wasting most of this time, energy, and focus on waging personal feuds against people like Comey. He should be huddled with his remaining attorneys, crafting a legal strategy, paying attention to the rulings that are about to come down with regard to the Michael Cohen evidence. Instead he’s spending all his time coming up with juvenile insults like “slime ball.”

This is not a guy who is mentally or psychologically equipped to do what’s necessary to have any chance of surviving this. Even as Robert Mueller, the FBI, and the U.S. Attorney’s office close in even more tightly on him, he’s more worried about getting revenge on a guy he fired a year ago. The odds are already overwhelmingly against him, and he’s not even capable of putting up a proper defense. That’s how I know he’s going down. Support Palmer Report.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report