Nancy Pelosi eats Kirstjen Nielsen for breakfast

It’s difficult to figure out why Donald Trump’s Homeland Security Director Kirstjen Nielsen hasn’t yet been indicted and arrested for the negligent homicide of the children that have died in her immigrant concentration camps, after she and Trump had Border Patrol agents abduct the kids from their parents. Nielsen will go to prison eventually, but for now, she’s still on the loose – and Speaker Nancy Pelosi was at least able to stick it to her on Friday.

Donald Trump decided to invite Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to the White House for yet another meeting about his disastrous government shutdown and his imaginary border wall. But the meeting quickly stopped being about these topics, as Trump began asking Pelosi about impeachment, revealing just how worried he is about where things are headed for him. Trump thought that bringing Kirstjen Nielsen to the meeting would somehow help make the case for his racist wall, but it didn’t exactly go as planned.

Even as Kirstjen Nielsen was making a lie-filled presentation during the meeting about why a racist border wall was necessary, Nancy Pelosi kept cutting her off and calling her out for her lies, according to CBS news. It’s not difficult to figure out that it was Pelosi who leaked this exchange to the media. Pelosi rarely raises her voice and always chooses her words carefully, but she’s subtly fierce in these kinds of situations, and the other side always ends up regretting having tried to take her on.

House Democrats have vowed to hold public investigative hearings into the child concentration camps being run by Donald Trump and Kirstjen Nielsen, and to get to the bottom of the deaths that are taking place in these child camps. Considering that Nancy Pelosi oversees the committees holding these kinds of hearings, Nielsen may soon regret having challenged Pelosi in such a disingenuous manner.

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