Donald Trump goes completely off the deep end over Kim Jong-Un

Last night the Wall Street Journal reported that Kim Jong Un’s half-brother was allegedly a CIA asset, and that Kim may have had him killed as a result. This was startling news, raising questions about how true it was, what details were involved, who decided to leak it right now, and why. But today Donald Trump decided to send that narrative hurtling in a rather different direction.

During a bizarre meltdown today on the White House lawn, Donald Trump brought up the news, and insisted that “I wouldn’t let that happen under my auspices.” Wait, is he serious? Trump appears to be taking the position that the CIA shouldn’t have used Kim Jong Un’s half-brother to spy on him, because doing so was unfair to Kim Jong Un.

That’s right, Trump is not only siding with a murderous dictator simply because the guy likes to publicly play footsie with him, Trump is also attacking the United States intelligence community for having dared to spy on the dangerous monster. This is horrifying even by Trump’s usual standards.

Of course it’s not difficult to figure out why Donald Trump is siding with Kim Jong-Un over the United States. In that same meltdown today, Trump announced that he’d “just received a beautiful letter” from Kim. Trump is so thoroughly compromised by his own narcissism, even a two-bit stooge like Kim can win him over and play him for a fool simply by saying a few nice words about him.

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