Donald Trump’s kids are in big trouble

Oh, the exquisite joy of knowing we’re going to see those tax returns. They can’t come fast enough. There are still some delays and hoops to jump through, but if we vote this sh*tstain out of office and regain our country, we will see Trump prosecuted. What a relief.

While The Donald is literally and figuratively soiling his diaper, especially on Twitter, Ivanka and her goombah brothers are finding they need Depends too now. They are all intrinsically interwoven with their father’s money; their worship of their father alone shows that. They have to know that the minute the SDNY goes down Trump’s tax rabbit hole, they’ll be finding crimes being committed by the rest of the kkklan.
What a day to be alive.

Now the real work begins. We have got to vote out those Republicans who propped up this travesty. Every last one of them. We need a two-party system but as the Lincoln Project is proving, we need a Republican Party with ethics, morals and love of government service, not the love of greed. The entire party needs to be rebuilt, brick by brick, from the name up. Yes, it was the part of Lincoln until it corrupted itself into infamy. Vote them all out and show them the only way they’ll ever hold a seat in our government again is to prove to us their good character.

This is going to take a very long time, if ever. The Republican Party has shown the dark side of our souls, where we take joy in others’ suffering and stomp on the little guy. It is un-American in the extreme. We all love capitalism, but we need to love compassion more. Now in a time of COVID-19, let’s take this moment to volunteer. Donate to those Democrats who are running against the current Trump-complicit Republicans in the House and Senate, and volunteer to phone bank for your local pols. COVID-19 shows how badly we do need government. Trump and his army of complicit Republicans have utterly failed us in our time of need. No more. Time to vote them out forever.

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