We found out how Donald Trump is reacting to the Mueller report – and it involves Kid Rock of all people

Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted anything, or made any public statements, in the twenty-six hours and counting since Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed his report. This has stuck out as strange. If he thought the report was good for him, he’d be gloating. If he thought the report was bad for him, he’d be on the attack. This suggests he has no idea what to make of it. So what’s he doing with his time?

It turns out Donald Trump has spent the day playing golf with Kid Rock at Trump International Golf Club in South Florida. No, really. We know this because at 5:55pm eastern time today, Kid Rock tweeted a photo of himself and Trump on the golf course together:

So what does this tell us? For one thing, it means Donald Trump isn’t hiding under his bed at Mar-a-Lago and crying, as some might have imagined. But it also means that, even though Trump has his most serious lawyers like Emmet Flood with him in South Florida right now, he’s out on the golf course today instead of spending time with his legal advisers.

If nothing else, this strongly suggests that Donald Trump and his legal team haven’t seen the Mueller report yet, or else they’d be glued to it right now. Not that we were expecting Attorney General William Barr to transparently obstruct justice by secretly giving Trump an advance copy. It seems Trump is simply playing a waiting game like the rest of us. He does have a history of tweet-storms after he gets off the golf course, so we’ll see if he finally erupts this evening, or if he’s truly been scared into silence.

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