Here’s the kicker about Robert Mueller’s upcoming indictments

The newly explosive investigations into Donald Trump’s scandals by the House Judiciary, Intelligence, and Oversight Committees have largely pushed Robert Mueller’s investigation into the background, at least when it comes to the attention span of the media and the public. The false reports about Mueller’s probe “winding down” haven’t helped either. But Mueller is sitting on a ton of indictments, and I can prove it with just two words.

Bear with me here, because those two words are “Jerome Corsi.” Yes he’s a whack job, and no, I don’t believe a word he says. But here’s the kicker. Robert Mueller threatened to indict Corsi for perjury, and even went so far as to give Corsi a copy of the draft indictment. We know this happened because Corsi ended up publicly releasing the draft – and if it had been some kind of fake, Mueller would have said as much.

This draft indictment was an obvious attempt at scaring Corsi into cutting a plea deal and flipping on Roger Stone. It didn’t work, as Corsi decided he’d rather go about things the stupid way. But Mueller has shown that he has no tolerance for this kind of crap, so he will indict Corsi for perjury. The question is why he hasn’t done it yet.

At the time, some observers speculated that perhaps Robert Mueller has lost his ability to indict anyone, because Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker had somehow magically put a stop to it all. But then Mueller turned around and indicted Roger Stone, proving that he still has the ability to indict anyone he wants. So again, why didn’t he indict Corsi?

The logical explanation is that Robert Mueller didn’t see a point in indicting Jerome Corsi yet, because Corsi is a small fish and he’s not going to flip anyway. This tells us that Corsi’s indictment is sitting in a pile somewhere of sealed indictments that Mueller is going to unleash at the end of the game, and Mueller is going to let the relevant U.S. Attorneys take on the burden of carrying out these prosecutions after he’s finished his report. If Mueller is saving Corsi for the end, then he’s saving a whole boatload of indictments for the end. We just don’t know when the “end” is.