Donald Trump, Saudi Arabia, and the murder of Jeff Bezos’ employee Jamal Khashoggi

Twenty-four hours after the bombshell revelation that National Enquirer boss David Pecker was trying to blackmail Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, likely on Donald Trump’s behalf, and that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia appeared to be involved the entire time, we’re all still trying to put these new pieces in the proper context. One key detail keeps jumping out: Jamal Khashoggi worked for Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos doesn’t just run Amazon, he also owns the Washington Post. Jamal Khashoggi was a journalist for the Washington Post at the time the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia had him brutally murdered. Now we’re learning that, even as Saudi Arabia was having one of Bezos’ reporters murdered, Saudi Arabia was also apparently working with Trump and Pecker in a blackmail scheme against Bezos. What are the odds that this is a coincidence?

If these two things are connected, it’s not clear which direction things would have flowed. The Crown Prince had a personal vendetta against Khashoggi due to the manner in which he used his position at the Washington Post to expose Saudi Arabia’s corruption. Donald Trump had a personal vendetta against Jeff Bezos because his Washington Post was exposing so much of Trump’s corruption. Or wait a minute, was he?

Numerous major newspapers and magazines have dug up Donald Trump’s scandals and given him negative coverage. He’s lashed out at all of them on Twitter. But why did he decide to only get involved in trying to destroy the life of the owner of the Washington Post, and not the owners of the other news outlets? Has Trump been targeting Bezos all along because his puppet masters Saudi Arabia told him to, as part of their vendetta against Bezos’ employee Khashoggi?

The big question of course, and the one that shouldn’t be asked lightly but nonetheless needs to be asked, is this. If Donald Trump was helping to facilitate Saudi Arabia’s vendetta against Jamal Khashoggi by going after Khashoggi’s boss Jeff Bezos, what did Trump know about Khashoggi’s murder, and when did he know it? Put another way: did Trump help have an American journalist murdered?