House Democrats just landed a key impeachment witness that Donald Trump can’t stop

This week U.S. Ambassador Gordon Sondland was set to testify before the House impeachment inquiry when Donald Trump decided at the last minute to block his testimony. Trump’s gambit worked because Sondland is a current Trump administration employee. But now House Democrats have managed to land a key witness that Trump can’t block.

Donald Trump’s former National Security Council member Fiona Hill has agreed to give cooperative testimony to the House impeachment inquiry in the coming days, according to a report tonight from NBC News. The key word there is “former” which means that Trump can’t stop her, because she doesn’t work for him anymore. By all accounts, she was never personally loyal to Trump to begin with, which means she’s not going to be interested in listening to him now. So why is her testimony important?

Fiona Hill was the Russia expert for Trump’s National Security Council, which means she has knowledge of the Trump regime’s dealings with Russia. Because Russia is so obsessed with Ukraine, it stands to reason that Hill knows things about Trump’s Ukraine antics.


We’ll see where her testimony goes, but she should be able to shed light on a variety of foreign policy antics within the Trump White House. Again, the key is that Donald Trump has no real way of stopping her from testifying. He’s found a way to stop would-be witnesses who are under his thumb, like Sondland and Rick Perry, but he can’t stop people like Fiona Hill. She won’t be the only one.

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