Key Donald Trump official abruptly quits in midst of coronavirus crisis

Donald Trump sure can pick them. So many of his handpicked political personnel have ended up resigning amid controversy, being fired amid scandal, or being criminally indicted, we’ve lost count. Now with the nation in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, a key Trump official has abruptly resigned at the worst possible time.

The chief of the Office of Personnel Management is one of those government positions where most Americans have no idea what it even is, because the person usually just does their job. But in the Trump White House we’ve had to learn the hard way what it is that people like the chief of the Office of Personnel Management do, because in so many instances these jobs simply aren’t getting done, and we’re all paying the price.

As it turns out, Donald Trump’s chief of the Office of Personnel Management quit last night with no warning, according to the Washington Post. Apparently she thought she and her department were being squeezed out of the decision making process during the coronavirus crisis. If you’re wondering whether she might have been some career holdover from a previous administration, no, Trump hired her five months ago.


Donald Trump’s White House is such a flaming disaster, we don’t even know if this is a good or bad development. But given Donald Trump’s penchant for bypassing knowledgeable people in favor of letting a handful of idiot cronies make most of the decisions, we’re guessing this probably isn’t a good thing. Maybe Trump can find yet another one of his incompetent relatives, or a white supremacist, to fill the position.

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