Kevin McCarthy’s meeting with Trump is a huge mistake that’ll quickly blow up in his face

Donald Trump’s life is over. He’s just sitting around waiting for bankruptcy and prison to finish him off, while entertaining delusions that make him feel less embarrassed about going out in such humiliating fashion.

Kevin McCarthy’s career is over. He only ever had control of the House Republican caucus because Trump was in the White House, and now that Trump is finished, McCarthy is flailing just as badly as one would have expected. He’s taking heat from all sides. Greene, Boebert, and others are trying to drag him into even more untenable territory. Liz Cheney is trying to take his job.


Trump and McCarthy are obviously only meeting because they’re both at a dead end, with no idea what to do. Their meeting doesn’t mean they’re now somehow magically winning. In fact, given that Trump’s life is over and all he has left on his mind is petty spite, he’s surely giving McCarthy the kind of advice that’ll merely finish off McCarthy sooner. Is it outrageous that they’re meeting? Of course. But it’ll go absolutely nowhere. Let’s stop fretting over imaginary scary things.

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