Kevin McCarthy is twisting in the wind

The January 6 committee has gone all-in. They have written a formal letter to Kevin McCarthy seeking his “voluntary cooperation” on a “range of critical issues” regarding January 6. They want to know about McCarthy’s conversations with the failed insurrectionist on that terrible day. The committee has made its statement. The letter has gone out. And Kevin McCarthy is lost.

He is lost in the dense forest of his own irrationality. His denial is a wall of thorns that he cannot pry himself loose from no matter how hard he tries. What will he do? There are no good options available to Mr. McCarthy — none.

This is the moment he so wanted to avoid. It is never good to be a coward when nobility and courage call. Faced with his choices, McCarthy must indeed be feeling adrift.

The wolves are howling. McCarthy was led off-track into the opaque shadows. He is now faced with agreeing to talk and possibly, almost definitely risking the wrath of Trump and the dissolution of his beloved fantasy job or staying silent and taking the risk of being referred for criminal prosecution.


Yes, he is lost. Kevin McCarthy is twisting in the wind. And as he frantically raises an SOS in the hopes that a solution might free him, he has no chance of escaping the weeds. Whichever decision he makes, there is no exit strategy for Kevin McCarthy. And as he runs in the darkness, he has just come face to face with the thing known as Karma.

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