Kevin McCarthy goes dumpster diving like the trash he is

This week Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters made remarks about the Derek Chauvin trial that were downright tame in comparison to many of the things that Donald Trump said while he was serving as President. But the Republicans are nonetheless trying to make something of it.

The Republicans have spent the past few years trying to demonize Maxine Waters for obvious reasons. She’s a smart and outspoken powerful Black woman – in short, everything that Republican voters hate and fear. So now House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy is pushing to hold a vote to censure Waters.

To be clear, this isn’t going to succeed. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has already come out emphatically in support of Maxine Waters. Even if McCarthy manages to use his role as House Minority Leader to force a vote, there obviously aren’t enough votes in the Democratic-majority House to censure Waters over a non-issue.

But the Republicans are nonetheless going to double down on this strategy, under the belief that demonizing Maxine Waters will resonate with their racist and sexist Republican donors. Meanwhile back in the civilized world, real Americans see Kevin McCarthy and the Republicans for what they are: racist trash.

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