Anthony Kennedy, Donald Trump and the curiously timed Deutsche Bank raid

Back when Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy abruptly retired just as the media was exposing that his son had been playing a somewhat-debated role in steering Deutsche Bank’s money toward Donald Trump, after Deutsche Bank had been caught laundering billions of dollars in Russian money into the hands of certain unnamed clients in places like New York City, Palmer Report pointed out that Special Counsel Robert Mueller would obviously investigate the matter to see if it was a criminal conspiracy or mere coincidence.

Then came yesterday’s massive raid of Deutsche Bank’s world headquarters, which was widely reported as having been a part of the ongoing international money laundering investigation into the bank, and just happened to take place immediately after Michael Cohen publicly confirmed that Donald Trump had been plotting with the Russians during the election to build Trump Tower Moscow. This led a number of Palmer Report readers to ask if the raid is connected to Anthony Kennedy.

The answer, in short, is that I have no idea. I don’t even know if the raid is connected to Robert Mueller and/or Donald Trump. The timing strongly suggests that it had something to do with Mueller’s ongoing effort to get to the bottom of Trump’s corrupt financial relationship with Russia, and the newly revealed piece of the puzzle about Trump Tower Moscow – but I don’t know that for sure.

Various major media outlets have alternately claimed Anthony Kennedy’s son was either instrumental in funneling Deutsche Bank’s money to Donald Trump, or that he worked on an entirely different side of the company and had nothing to do with Trump. None of that reporting matters; only the truth does, and we don’t know what that is. All I can tell is that I’m more sure than ever that, whatever the truth is about Kennedy, Trump, Deutsche Bank, and Russia, Robert Mueller will get to the bottom of it.

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