Former Trump apologist Ken Starr now says Donald Trump is guilty

Former special prosecutor and current Fox News analyst Ken Starr has generally been a Donald Trump cheerleader. But after Trump viciously and illegally attacked Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch during her testimony on Friday, Starr began to change his tune. Now that Gordon Sondland has testified, Starr has completely changed his mind.

Ken Starr watched today’s Gordon Sondland hearing and then declared on Fox News that “It doesn’t look good for the president” and that it’s been “one of those bombshell days.” Starr also said that he now expects Donald Trump to be impeached for contempt of Congress, as Sondland’s testimony makes it clear that Trump illegally tried to impede the House’s ability to investigate the Ukraine scandal. Notably, this is one of the articles of impeachment that was being brought against Richard Nixon at the time of his investigation.

Starr also said on-air that in light of Sondland’s testimony, he’s left to wonder if Senate Republicans might be tempted to go down to the White House and try to talk Donald Trump into resigning. There’s no indication that that’s actually going to happen today, but there’s no doubt that the Republicans have to be wondering how much longer they can keep propping Trump up before it starts harming their own personal chances of reelection.

In any case, Donald Trump just lost a key apologist today, as Ken Starr is now telling Fox News viewers that Trump deserves to be impeached. The worse this gets for Trump, the more of his apologists will begin turning against him, in an effort at retaining their relative credibility.

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