Kellyanne Conway’s “cupcake” meltdown goes completely off the rails

Even as Donald Trump has randomly injected potatoes into his ramblings for the second time in a week, his dumpster fire sidekick Kellyanne Conway is now oddly obsessed with cupcakes. It’s not clear if these people simply aren’t getting enough food or what, but Kellyanne’s meltdown is a particularly bizarre one.

Whenever a news cycle is going really poorly for Donald Trump and he needs to change the subject, he sends Kellyanne Conway out there to humiliate herself, so she’ll be the story instead. She happily obliged today, going on a bender about how if people are willing to stand in line to get a cupcake, they should be willing to stand in line to vote, and therefore nationwide vote by mail isn’t needed.

Nice try, Kellyanne, but this is pure gibberish. Just because some people choose to risk their safety by going out to get a cupcake during a pandemic, it doesn’t mean other people should have to risk their safety by going out to vote in a pandemic. Cupcakes are a choice; voting is a constitutional right.

In addition, Kellyanne Conway has recently voted by mail herself, thus negating her entire argument.

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