Kellyanne Conway swings and misses

Donald Trump’s White House Senior Adviser Kellyanne Conway is best known for going on television and making blatantly false statements that everyone knows are false, in the hope of muddying the waters so that everyone involved will forget about the Trump scandal that was being discussed to begin with. With everyone else on Trump’s team having resigned or been fired or having already swung and missed this week, Kellyanne was once again called out of the bullpen. It didn’t go well.

Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN with host Chris Cuomo on Wednesday. Her job, at least as Trump saw it, was to promote his policies and spin his scandals. Instead she turned in a performance that nearly defied description. At one point she was echoing Trump’s recent claim that a “border wall” is no longer needed because, as everyone else in the known universe already knew, much of the border is already fenced or is blocked by rivers and mountains that no one can traverse. All she did was repeat Trump’s own stupidity, which did nothing to help his cause. But then came the Hillary Clinton moment.

After Donald Trump spent the week tweeting obsessively about Hillary Clinton, falsely accusing her of imaginary crimes and conspiracies as usual, Kellyanne claimed on CNN that no one in the White House ever even discusses Hillary. That’s obviously not the case, as Trump is the boss, and he’s obsessed with talking about Hillary. This was a bizarre swing and miss.

There are reasons why Donald Trump has sent Kellyanne Conway on-air to spin his nonsense so many times over the past two years: sometimes she’s on her game and she’s able to say such absurd things that everyone forgets what the original topic was. There are also reasons why she keeps getting benched. Too often, she gets so enamored with herself during these cable news appearances, she utterly fails to help Trump distract the media from the real story.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report