Kellyanne Conway just made things even worse

This week Kellyanne Conway decided she didn’t like a story that had been written about her in the conservative-leaning Washington Examiner, and so she called up the reporter who wrote it and seemingly threatened to use the power of the White House to investigate that reporter’s personal life and/or family. Now Kellyanne has gone and made things even worse.

The Examiner published a transcript of Kellyanne Conway’s phone call, which by all accounts was more than a bit ugly. The best outcome for her would have been if she just ignored the entire embarrassing incident, and hoped that the tidal wave of Trump scandals would cause people to forget about it. But as with so many of Donald Trump’s other quixotic advisers, it turns out Kellyanne just doesn’t know when to leave bad enough alone.

Kellyanne Conway felt the need to raise the profile of the incident by taking it up with a group of reporters at the White House, and let’s just say that she didn’t help her case. According to the Daily Beast, Kellyanne ended up saying things like “I never threatened anyone” and “If I threaten someone, you’ll know it.”

What is she, twelve years old? These people are complete cartoon characters. At this point Donald Trump’s remaining henchmen consist of Rudy Giuliani and his butt-dialing confessions, Lev and Igor doing their best impression of the two stooges, Mick Mulvaney confessing to Trump’s crimes, and Kellyanne Conway doing her best impression of Cornholio. Meanwhile Trump is busy tweeting complaints about the iPhone interface. Trump and his people are completely off the deep end.

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