Kellyanne Conway has psychotic meltdown as it all falls apart for Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s poll numbers just keep getting uglier, and now his “unmasking” nonsense has completely blown up in his face. With nothing else to go on right now, Trump has sent Kellyanne Conway out there to humiliate herself, in the hope of changing the subject. The problem is that Kellyanne went so far overboard today, she may have created an even worse scandal for Trump.

Kellyanne Conway compared Joe Biden’s running mate search to a guy trying to decide which woman to take home from a bar at last call. No really, she said this. Not only is it disgusting on its face, it’s particularly offensive to women – a voting demographic that Trump is already struggling badly with.

Whatever Donald Trump was hoping to accomplish by sending Kellyanne Conway out there to set herself on fire today, this probably wasn’t it.

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