Kellyanne Conway has deranged on-air meltdown

On Thursday night, CNN host Chris Cuomo interviewed Donald Trump surrogate and pathological liar Kellyanne Conway. He did the best he could to hold her feet to the fire, and we think he got the best of her, as she seemed befuddled by the end of it. But the whole thing was pointless and painful to watch. At the end of Cuomo’s show, one of his CNN colleagues lectured him on-air about having Conway on the show.

During the handoff at the top of the hour, Don Lemon spent a good five minutes trying to convince Chris Cuomo to stop giving Kellyanne Conway airtime so she can keep spreading her lies while not answering a single question. This isn’t the first time Lemon has told Cuomo to stop having Conway as a guest. But the sheer length of the back-and-forth, and the frustration on both sides, was unprecedented.

Cuomo and Lemon both handled the debate respectfully. While they never did see eye to eye on the Kellyanne Conway question, they were both clearly the most frustrated by the fact that the so-called President of the United States is a pathological liar who keeps sending another pathological liar to do his on-air bidding. When CNN’s Brian Stelter posted a video of the lengthy Lemon-Cuomo exchange on Twitter without taking a side, roughly 95% of the commenters agreed with Lemon that Kellyanne should never be on CNN again.

The real solution here of course is for a psychologically deranged lying lunatic like Donald Trump not to be the President of the United States to begin with, so that news networks aren’t stuck dealing with a psychologically deranged lying lunatic like Kellyanne Conway as his spokesperson. Until Trump is ousted and America returns to being a democracy, there is no right answer. But we hope Cuomo, who’s a straight shooter, decides that Don Lemon is right.