Looks like Kelly Loeffler has coronavirus ahead of Georgia Senate runoff election

Things just keep getting uglier for Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler. Even as she heads into her runoff race, the allegations of insider trading just won’t go away. Now she’s tested positive for coronavirus. In a weird twist, she’s also had an “inconclusive” test result, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper, and she’s currently in quarantine while awaiting more definitive test results. So now what?

Given the confusing testing results, it could take days for them to sort out whether she really has coronavirus. If she doesn’t, then it’s just an embarrassing reminder that she shouldn’t be out campaigning mask-less, like she’s been doing. But if she does have it, then it raises at least some questions about her viability as a candidate. She certainly can’t campaign the way she’s been campaigning, if she’s locked in isolation for a couple weeks or more.

This also raises questions about whether Mike Pence and Republican Senator David Perdue have been exposed to coronavirus. They both participated in an event with Loeffler just yesterday, and none of them were wearing masks.

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