Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue are even more crooked than we thought

In a bizarre scramble following Donald Trump’s loss of the presidency, the Republicans seem to now be picking each other apart. Recently, Jeanine Pirro has been seen in a commercial about Kelly Loeffler. Pirro reminds us that Loeffler was never elected, and the first thing she did upon receiving the confidential coronavirus briefing was to go out and sell millions in stock. Loeffler also bought stock in Amazon and Citrix, which was predicted to become a major player in remote work. Pirro said that Loeffler “is knee deep in the swamp and she just got there,” which is likely the most truthful thing to come out of Pirro’s mouth in a long time. Loeffler has been nicknamed “Looting Loeffler.” The other Republican in the Georgia runoffs is “savior David Perdue.” His commercials say that he will “save America” from the “radical left.”

Neither Loeffler nor Perdue has anything positive to fuel their campaigns. Loeffler has tried attacking Raphael Warnock, who came back with: “People who have no vision create di-vision.” He is right. Both Perdue and Loeffler, because they have nothing else, attack and try to hide their unethical, if not illegal, stock trades. Perdue claimed from the very beginning that he has “people” who handle his stock trades. According to Daily Beast, Perdue does not.

When Daily Beast first inquired, they were told Perdue “doesn’t manage his trades, they are handled by outside financial advisors without his prior input or approval. … No amount of lies from liberal media outlets or Democratic political groups will change that fact.” Sure, he does. How many millionaires leave their money fully in the hands of others and allow them to do as they will with that money? Not one who would stay rich for long.

As it turns out, the Beast is correct. When the Times reported that the Department of Justice was investigating Perdue’s stock trades, they found that an executive from Cardlytics accidentally sent Perdue an email, stating that “changes were coming to the company.” Perdue is a former board member at Cardlytics, an Atlanta-based firm that uses purchasing data to identify opportunities. After receiving the email from his former fellow board member, Perdue reached out to his investment advisor at Goldman Sachs and requested that he sell $1 million worth of stock in Cardlytics. According to the Times, the company experienced an “executive shakeup,” and its stock price bottomed out. What can this move be called other than insider trading? While the “accidental” nature of the email may have shielded Perdue from legal ramifications, it proved that Perdue does, in fact, have control of his stock portfolio. He lied, and he probably lied about his stock-trading post coronavirus briefing.


Every day, Republicans use scare tactics to win elections. Both Loeffler and Perdue are doing so in their runoff campaigns because, as Reverend Warnock said, they have no vision. Why, then, do they want to remain in office? It is certainly not to help the constituency they allegedly serve. It is to help themselves. We can do without two more self-serving senators in Washington.

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