It’s finally Donald Trump’s “Pee Pee Tape” bodyguard Keith Schiller’s time in the barrel

Donald Trump has gone to extraordinary lengths to keep his former longtime personal bodyguard Keith Schiller happy – and well compensated. Trump hired Schiller to a security job in the White House, and after that didn’t work out, Trump had the Republican National Committee hire Schiller for a high paying pretend job. Now Schiller has a whole new problem.

Back in 2017, Keith Schiller testified under oath that when he accompanied Donald Trump to Russia in 2013, the Kremlin offered prostitutes for Trump, but Trump didn’t want them. This stood in direct contrast with the Christopher Steele dossier, which asserts that Trump accepted the prostitutes, and the Kremlin secretly videotaped it all, popularly known as the “Pee Pee Tape.” We still don’t know what the truth is, but we do know that it’s just come to a head.

This week the House Intelligence Committee turned over the transcripts of Schiller’s testimony, along with testimony from several other Trump associates, to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. We don’t know if Schiller told the truth or committed perjury during his testimony. But we do know that at least some of the people involved committed perjury.

So it stands out as notable that, just two days after Robert Mueller got his hands on Keith Schiller’s transcript, the mainstream media is suddenly putting Schiller at the editorial forefront. CNBC is reporting tonight that the RNC is still paying Schiller an obscene amount of money to do nothing. This prompted Rachel Maddow to ask on-air tonight if the payments have been to keep Schiller from telling the truth.

Is it a grand coincidence that the media has suddenly gotten its hands on scandalous new updates about Keith Schiller, just as Robert Mueller has gotten his hands on a transcript that – if perjured – will allow him to arrest Schiller at any minute? Stay tuned, because this could certainly be more than coincidence.