Donald Trump’s stooge Kayleigh McEnany just stepped in it

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s horrifying press briefings are enough to make us miss the days when Donald Trump’s previous press secretary didn’t do any briefings at all. McEnany lies constantly, behaves arrogantly, insults the media, degrades the country, and seems very proud of her deranged behavior.

The thing is, though, Kayleigh McEnany – like so many other Trump underlings – is a bit overconfident in her abilities. For instance, with Donald Trump trying to convince Americans that they shouldn’t be allowed to vote by mail during a pandemic, it’s up to McEnany to somehow spin this weak and unpopular argument into a winner. The job gets even tougher when you consider that Trump himself votes by mail.

Here’s what Kayleigh McEnany came up with by way of explanation yesterday: “With regard to the president doing a mail-in vote, the president is after all the president.” No. Wrong. Nice try. This is some Kim Jong Un level aggrandizement, and while Trump’s braindead base of idiots may lap it up, it’s the kind of asinine propaganda that turns off the people in the middle.

This was a really dumb thing for Kayleigh McEnany to say. She definitely hurt Donald Trump by saying it. And yet, because Trump is an idiot who doesn’t know what’s good or bad for him, McEnany said something she knew would please Trump instead of saying something that might help Trump. It’s how narcissistic dictators fall.

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