Kayleigh McEnany has to go to prison for this

– Kayleigh McEnany is criminally conspiring against the United States at this point. Once Trump is gone, I sure hope the DOJ can find a felony they can charge her with. Sedition isn’t particularly easy to prove to a jury, but she’s trying awfully hard to make it easier.

– Today, Donald Trump said “I’ve been loyal to the special interests.” Yesterday, Steve Mnuchin said “We’re working on mass distribution of the virus.” These Freudian slips keep getting better and better.

– We shouldn’t be surprised that Trump’s lawyers mixed up a number of cities in Minnesota and Michigan in a court filing. It’s not as if they’re trying to win these cases. It’s all just for the sake of dragging out the illusion that Trump is still contesting the election, so he can keep fundraising on it.

– In fact, Trump has just changed the fine print so that he can now pocket 75% of the donations to his election legal fund, instead of the previous 60%. He’s sticking his hand even further into the till while he still can, which is always a sign that he knows he’s near the end of the grift.

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