Donald Trump’s stooge Kayleigh McEnany goes completely off the deep end

Donald Trump’s tear gas church stunt has predictably blown up in his face in too many ways to count. He’s being condemned by everyone from military leaders to church leaders, and even his own Secretary of Defense is trying to run away from the mess.

This leaves Trump’s White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany to try to clean things up and spin them in Trump’s direction. Unfortunately for them both, his messes are so ugly they can’t be cleaned up, and she’s pretty terrible at this to begin with.

McEnany held a press briefing this afternoon, and she tried to compare Donald Trump’s visit to the slightly damaged church to Winston Churchill inspecting bombing damage during World War II. All this failed analogy does is make Trump’s actions look even smaller, because it’s a reminder of what it would take for a photo op like this to be considered legitimate – and how far removed Trump is from that.

Kayleigh McEnany keeps saying things in public that Donald Trump wants to hear, but that make them both look terrible. We suppose that’s the job, though, when dealing with a delusional narcissist.

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