Kayleigh McEnany goes berserk about getting banned from CNN show

You can make a strong argument that a professional liar like Kayleigh McEnany should never have been allowed on any respectable television news show to begin with. But in a case of better late than never, Jake Tapper is confirming that he’s banned McEnany from his CNN show going forward.

Jake Tapper appeared on Brian Stelter’s CNN show today and said he made this move because Kayleigh McEnany “lies the way that most people breathe” and that she “can’t acknowledge reality.” The cable news format is particularly vulnerable to guests who tell wall to wall lies, because even if the host spends the entire time trying to correct those lies, the lies still get plenty of airtime – so it’s important that someone like McEnany not be given live airtime at all.

Not surprisingly, Kayleigh McEnany is going berserk on Twitter about the whole thing, insisting that CNN is a “broken network” and that Jake Tapper is “lazy.” She goes on to insist that “I do not leak. I do not lie.”


It does make you wonder if McEnany’s nonstop lies are an intentional strategy, or if perhaps she has a psychological issue that prevents her from realizing that every single word out of her mouth is a lie. In any case, we look forward to never having to hear from her again once Trump is gone. Frankly, as she’s conspired with Trump to carry out his crime spree, she belongs on criminal trial along with him.

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