Kayleigh McEnany crashes and burns over “Trump vaccine” debacle

To give you an idea of how disjointed Trump world has become in his final days, Kayleigh McEnany is now serving as spokesperson for the doomed Trump White House and the defeated Trump campaign, and she often gets confused about which one she’s supposed to be representing.

Today she did a briefing in what we think might have been her role as White House Press Secretary, and she used it to heap praise on Donald Trump for being a “businessman” before proclaiming that the new coronavirus vaccines from Pfizer and Modern are the “Trump vaccine.” Uh, no, that’s not happening.

The pushback against this was so swift and widespread, “Trump vaccine” began trending on Twitter in sarcastic fashion. All that this kind of talk is going to do is to help bolster our efforts to make sure that the coronavirus is remembered as the “Trump virus” in the United States.

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