Kayleigh McEnany crashes and burns in catastrophic press conference

After the news broke this morning that Donald Trump had confessed on tape to lying to the American people about the coronavirus threat, Trump sent White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany to the podium to try to minimize the damage. The trouble: she was completely unprepared, and ended up making the whole thing even worse.

To give you an idea of how poorly it went, at one point a reporter asked Kayleigh McEnany about Donald Trump’s remarks. In response, McEnany said that the reporter was merely “referencing something [Trump] allegedly told Bob Woodward.” At that point the reporter retorted, “It’s on tape, Kayleigh.”


One consistent thing about Donald Trump’s White House Press Secretaries: they’ve each become less effective with their spin the longer they’ve been on the job. We suppose that trying to spin and deflect that many Trump lies can wear down even the most skilled of con artists. But Kayleigh McEnany is clearly at the end of her effectiveness. We’re now left to wonder if she’ll even make it to the election, or if she’ll resign like her three predecessors.

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