Katie Porter takes down Steve Mnuchin and reminds us she’s a Democratic Party rising star

– Congresswoman Katie Porter is missing a shoe because it’s in Steve Mnuchin’s ass. Mnuchin is no dummy, but Porter has completely owned him during today’s hearing. She’s chipping away at Mnuchin’s leverage when it comes to the stimulus. It’s the latest reminder that – no offense to anyone else – Katie Porter is probably the true rising star in the Democratic House.

– Trump starts handing out pardons to his underlings, and suddenly Brad Parscale is on television talking about how much he loves Trump. These folks are nothing if not predictable.

– We keep seeing people like Tom Cotton and Nikki Haley touted as the next Republican rising stars. Here’s a hint: by the time you see any name touted as a Republican rising star, it means they’re already basically washed up. The shelf life is just that short. The current Republican line of BS is so ludicrous, the party has to keep trotting out fresh new faces to promote that BS. Even some Republican voters start to get tired of their own designated bullshitters after just a couple years, so the party has to keep pushing them aside. By the 2024 presidential election we’ll probably be looking at a bunch of new faces who aren’t even on the stage yet. They’ll be just as awful as Cotton and Haley were, if not worse.

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