Democratic Congresswoman Katie Porter comes out swinging

Donald Trump’s ongoing racist attacks on four non-white freshman Democratic Congresswomen have put quite a lot of focus on them. Dubbed “The Squad,” they’ve fought back against him, and mainstream Americans have rallied around them. But of course the four of them aren’t the only freshmen in the House who have been fighting against Trump’s crimes and horribleness.

Since taking office half a year ago, Democratic Congresswoman Katie Porter has been using her position to take on Donald Trump’s corrupt allies on Wall Street. Porter has frequently managed to use her allotted time during hearings to expose various Wall Street executives, and she’s arguably the reason Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan was forced out of his job.

This led CNN to run an article about Porter with this headline: “Katie Porter isn’t part of ‘The Squad.’ But the freshman House Democrat is stirring up trouble for Trump.” In response Porter tweeted this: “If keeping my promise to hold corporations & government officials accountable is “stirring up trouble,” then I guess my response is: [three emojis of a woman shrugging].”

Katie Porter then went on to use the rest of the thread to expose payday lending scams, and the terrible job that Donald Trump’s puppet Ben Carson is doing at HUD. Porter famously asked Carson earlier this year if he knew what “REO” meant within the context of the housing market, and Carson thought she was talking about Oreo cookies.

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